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Little Mountain, Summit County, Colorado

Little Mountain is located on the edge of Breckenridge, CO and consists of both a 20 acre Unpatented Placer and 20 acre Unpatented Lode Claim.  $7,500  SOLD

Documentation As Follows:

Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, Geology and Ore Deposits of the Breckenridge District Colorado by Frederick Leslie Ransome, Government Printing Office, 1911.

Page 163: The richest bunch of ore ever found in the quartzite of Little Mountain lay within 10 feet of the surface in the footwall of the strong fissure which is cut in the Germania tunnel and on whose hanging-wall side was the pay shoot that has just been described.....  This mass was about 20 feet in diameter and up to 6 feet thick...  The ore itself differed little from this material in appearance being a very porous mixture of limonite and silica which carried gold and much silver.....  A little north of this tunnel and higher up the hill...  Oxidized ore to the value of $10,000 is said to have stoped from this fissure..  (Note: $10,000 at $20 gold is currently worth in the excess of $550,000).

Page 161: At a few places, especially on Shock Hill and Little Mountain, oxidized gold-silver ores have been found at slight depth in the fissured quartzite..

Page 106: On the south side of Illinois Gulch near its mouth is Little Mountain, a hill of gently dipping Dakota quartzite.  In the fractures of this rock have been found some bunches of rich oxidized gold-silver ore.  In all, ore to the value of probably $40,000 to $50,000 has been taken from this hill, mostly between 1898 and 1900;  one small pocket alone, close to the surface above the Germania tunnel, yielded $30,000.  (Note: $50,000 gold at $20 is 2,500 ounces.  At today's value that current projection is near $2,750,000)

There are numerous other mentions of Little Mountain including ore type(s), diagrams, listing of mines, etc.


Mining Claim Identification: CMC277093

Mining Claim Name: Grub 203

Little Mountain is located just South of downtown Breckenridge off Hwy 9 between CR10 and CR789.  This is the outskirts of Breckenridge with some residences in the vacinity.  Access is easy with nearby paved and dirt roads.  Claim overlaps patented pieces at edges which makes is just under 20 acres.

This property is an unpatented claim located between several pieces of patented property (private) with easy access including a trail goes through the property.  Nearby restaurants and stores make this an appealing property for someone that wants both a proven claim but without the need to traverse rustic and steep 4WD roads.  Since it's so convenient to town, someone local could easily take off from work a few hours early and be on this claim in 15 minutes.  You simply don't find easier access than this claim.